Furniture Designs Latest in 2023

furniture designs latest

There’s been a lot of furniture trends that have caught our eye this year, from bold upholstery options to sustainable materials. But the hottest look of 2023 takes those classic neutral styles and adds a little color, texture, and design motifs to give your home a fresh update. Try these on-trend furniture designs latest in your living room or bedroom for a style refresh that’s as stylish as it is Earth-friendly.

Bringing the outdoors in

The natural world inspired many of the furniture designs at this month’s ICFF and WantedDesign Manhattan shows, with rattan chairs, reclaimed wood tables, and greenery-themed pieces gaining popularity. This new wave of organically shaped, earthy wood furniture—like the Frame dining table by British designer John Pawson for Finnish manufacturer Nikari—features subtle curves and an appealing raw honesty, making it a modern take on rustic style that’s equally as elegant.

A similar style is found in curved wood pieces from Italian manufacturers Bontempi Casa, Edra, and Arflex. These curvy sofa and chair designs—like the reimagined Marenco outdoor armchair, pictured above—are inspired by nature, with fluid lines that generate serenity and relaxation. Mool’s soft, rounded sofa also embodies this trend in its sleek silhouette and asymmetrical backrest. The rounded shapes also dominated other furniture designs, including knobs and pulls, like this sculptural Form Knob from Brooklyn-based Launch Pad winner Sophie Dannin, that resemble a leaf or flower.

Another element of this natural trend is the growing popularity of earthy, biodegradable materials, such as reed, rattan, and bamboo. These versatile, customizable seating options and side tables come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit your space, from rich teak to sleek walnut. Often made of recycled and reclaimed materials, these pieces have a low environmental impact and are a stylish alternative to traditional plastic or leather furniture.

The trend is even extending to more unexpected materials, such as red clay, which makes for an earthy and slightly quirky twist on the more commonly seen white ceramics. These new pieces—like the Frame vases and mugs by Finnish pottery company iittala—have a delicate finesse and a contemporary stylistic edge, making them ideal for adding a refined yet modernist touch to your home decor.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom without sacrificing on comfort, consider a plushly upholstered bed or headboard. This timeless style continues to be popular in 2020 with tufted options that accentuate a room’s texture and visual appeal. You can also up the cozy factor by choosing a woven fabric that looks more textural than your typical twill or cotton.

If you’re ready to try a bolder look, go all out with vibrant hues, such as emerald green or deep red. These eye-catching shades are still among the most popular bold colors this season, bringing energy to your space with their saturation and fearless combinations. This trend is especially effective in bedrooms, where saturated tones are popular for their soothing and restful effect.

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