How to Choose a Chandelier for Bathroom Decor

chandelier for bathroom

Chandeliers can elevate bathroom decor with a dramatic, elegant look. But a chandelier for the bathroom must be carefully chosen and placed to avoid overpowering the room or creating safety hazards. The best chandelier for a bathroom is often an unexpected design that is more than just a light fitting, like the blow-glass design in this blue and yellow bath. Or, choose an unconventional chandelier – like this one, made from a series of baubles – to create a piece of artwork that steals the show in your bathroom.

The first step in selecting the ideal chandelier for your bathroom is to consider the size of the space and the height of the ceiling. A large chandelier may overwhelm a small bathroom, while a petite design could get lost in a room with a high ceiling.

A chandelier should also complement the other sources of lighting in your bathroom, including sconces for task lighting around vanity mirrors. Ideally, the shapes and lines in your chandelier should echo across your bathroom decor scheme, tying the entire room together. For example, the swirls in this chandelier match up with the twirls in the Rococo-style wallpaper border and molding, accentuating the vintage feel of the space.

Lastly, you must be aware of how your chandelier will interact with your plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware. Some designers like to mix and match finishes, such as warm brass with bright nickel – but you should avoid glaring differences (a crystal chandelier in an all-white space, for example).

Chandeliers are generally best when centered above a tub or shower stall, as they draw the eye upward and add a focal point to the room. But if your ceiling is too low to accommodate the traditional placement, try centering it above your bathroom vanity instead. This technique works particularly well in an en-suite bathroom idea or above a bath in an open-plan bedroom.

If you’re going to hang a chandelier over a bathtub, you must keep in mind the plumbing and electrical requirements of your space. Gorsini says that “ideally, you’ll want to keep your chandelier at least 36 inches above any tabletop or seven feet above any seating.” But even if these standards aren’t met, you can still hang a chandelier over the tub as long as it doesn’t interfere with the water supply, venting, or other important elements of the plumbing system.

Another way to maximize the impact of a chandelier in your bathroom is to reflect it in a statement-making bathroom mirror idea. Not only does this double the shine, but it also allows you to see the fixture from different angles in the space.

If you have a recessed light in your bathroom, replacing it with a small chandelier can instantly make the space feel luxe and elegant. Just be sure to check the number of bulbs in the fixture, as you don’t want it to provide too much light or throw off your room’s color palette.

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