How to Choose the Right Chandelier Light Fixture

A chandelier is an elegant light fixture that can add a touch of style to any room. They can be made of brass, bronze, metal or glass and are usually ornate in design. Chandeliers are often used in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways to create a stunning look.

Determining the right size for a chandelier can be difficult. If you get one that is too small it can go unnoticed, whereas if you choose one that is too large it can overwhelm the space. However, with a little planning you can get a chandelier that is the perfect size for your space.

First of all, you need to determine the correct diameter for the fixture. To do this, measure the length and width of the space and then add those numbers together. This number is the diameter in inches for your chandelier.

Next, you need to decide how low to hang the chandelier. This is important because it will give you the proper amount of light while also ensuring that people do not bump into the chandelier when they get in and out of their seats.

The lowest point of a chandelier should be 30 to 32 inches above the table top. This allows the light to be centered over the table and gives you the best view of any decorative centerpieces placed on it.

This is a great way to ensure that your chandelier will be a focal point in the room. It will also be less likely to cause glare.

Choosing the right length for a chandelier is another important factor. The length should be the same length of your room so that it does not overwhelm the space.

For rooms with vaulted ceilings, you want to make sure that the longest part of your chandelier will be about 30 inches above the top of your table. This will help to make the space feel bigger and more spacious, as well as provide plenty of light to the area.

If your dining room has standard ceilings, you can choose a flush mount or semi-flush mount fixture that will hang no lower than 7 feet from the floor. For bedrooms and living rooms with ceilings that are 8 feet or taller, you should opt for a ceiling mount fixture so that it will not be too high to reach while standing at the end of the bed.

In most cases, the best place for your chandelier will be in a high traffic area like the foyer or the entryway. This is because they are often the most used areas of a house and can be easily seen by guests.

You can find a wide selection of chandeliers that are shoppable based on their height. You can also search for fixtures by style, such as farmhouse, industrial and modern.

There are many different styles and sizes of chandeliers available, so you can find a design that will suit your style and needs. Whether you are looking for a modern, rustic or classic style, Bellacor has the chandelier that will bring a glamorous flair to your home.

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